Monday, November 10, 2008

FInally get a grip on Kumi's Album!

actually, me went to Popular bookstore to buy a new pencilcase...


Right when me pass through the CD-rama shelves, me saw this thing...

Koda Kumi's Kingdom!!!

so, without any second thought me bought it! it's way much cheaper than if me bought it in Gramophone. aww... That gramophone is kinda suck! Coz me went there for.... say, 3 times to buy Kumi's album, yet they're already out of stock!

what a bummer...

ah, it doesn't matter anymore... hohohohohohhohoho... :D

all hail CD-rama and Popular! :D

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my second post. handsdown

finally! me get it! T_T

Ayumi Hamasaki's complete All singles album!!!

what a superb thingy!

It cost me around 39.90 dollars to get it. Wew... that's enough to buy at leat 3 new mangas... but who cares! :D ah, me also already got Namie Amuro's Best Fiction. Wew... not as superb as Ayumi's, but... still okay lah. :D

next target:
Ai Otsuka's album (if she's gonna release one)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

First of All...


my first blog!

not really the first actually... to be exact, the first post on blogspot!
anyway, I'll figure out something to write later on... I'm too busy googling around the net because today is the first day of TGS!

I can hardly wait for the moment when Square Enix will spit out something about Final Fantasy...

ah, for your information, TGS stands for Tokyo Game Show.